Our engagements

Our commitments to respect our planet

Conscious that to safeguard the future of our children, it is a radical change in our lifestyles which is essential, we take care every day to manage our lodgings by limiting our impact on the environment.

All our products (cleaning like laundry) are 100% natural. Supplied by trusted service providers, this limits the distribution of products that are harmful to our environment.

The equipment in our apartments (domestic appliances such as lighting or heating) is low energy consumption equipment. The lodgings are notably heated to 20°C in winter. In addition, we advise you to use the dishwasher to limit your water consumption.

To promote a zero waste policy, we encourage you to sort and each apartment has the necessary explanations.

We will show you the places to do your shopping in short circuits if you are interested. The village grocery store is one of them and a few othersproducers near the cottages.

The icing on the cake, we invite you to discover the Corbieres and the Minervois on foot , by mountain bike and cyclo while you are staying with us.

Forget the passing of time and enjoy the moment take the time! It will also be an additional gesture for Nature.